What we are wearing in wet and muddy season

As always, this is not a sponsored post. The reason for the post is to merely share with other mamas brands that are sustainable and make great things for our little wildlings to help them be comfortable, healthy and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Here in Colorado’s front range the Spring has arrived early this year. At least it seems so to me πŸ™‚ It is still middle of March, but the snow is melting away in most places, our daffodils and tulips started caming out and I see first cautious signs of Spring on our walks in the forest as well.

As it’s been wet and muddy I put away our winter shoes and snow suits, and switched to wool-lined rubber boots and mud pants which I don’t know how we would do without. Especially with Eleon who loves mud with passion! πŸ™‚ The moment we dig a whole in a garden he climbs right into it and just lounges there watching us work or pondering about life.

Over the years I found few great brands that make high quality, beautiful, toxin-free and sustainable outdoor gear for the children. So I wanted to make a post featuring all our favorites for this time of year when some days are still cold and some already warm, but you can always count on it being wet and muddy.

Natural rubber boots by Bisgaard

Last year I posted about our wool-lined rain boots by Bisgaard. They have great grippy sole and are very warm, making them perfect for this season when the ground is still cold. We love to pair them up with knee-high organic wool socks by Grodo.

natural rubber boots for children Bisgaard
natural rubber boots for children Bisgaard

Wearing: natural rubber wool-lined boots by Bisgaard.

Mud pants

Wearing: OEKO-TEX certified rain pants by Didriksons from MK Nordica, Lea at Jojo rain jackets which are made from used plastic bottles, layered with organic wool jacket by Disana.

Mud or rain pants are just as essential in my kids outdoor wardrobe as rain boots. They allow boys to continue enjoying the outdoors when everything is wet and muddy, keeping their clothes dry and clean. The pants go up to their armpits, and at the bottom can be pulled over the rain boots with a strong elastic keeping them put. So when Alexandros and Eleon energetically jump in the puddles nothing gets into their rubber boots or onto their jackets. Plus, these pants are quite affordable. The Mud pants β€” wet and muddy season’s essential blog post has more photos and information where we order our mud pants.

Coats and jackets

Wearing: Organic boiled wool coat by Disana

On the chilly days when we need to add an extra layer to stay warm we use one of these jackets:

Lea at Jojo raincoats mud pants for children


waders for kids

We also have been loving waders for playing in the creek in cold seasons. In a nutshell they are rubber boots + rubber pants made into one solid piece. πŸ™‚ And they allow child play in the water without worrying about water filling up the rain shoes if child gets in slightly deeper water. Here is a post with more information on waders. Unfortunately at this point I have not yet found a brand that makes waders with sustainability in mind. But I’m determined to find such company as I’m sure it exists. πŸ™‚ And then I will post an update to this post with that information.

I hope this comes helpful to you in outfitting your children in order to help them stay outdoors rain or shine πŸ™‚ If you have your own beloved sustainable children brands or stores — please share as well.

2 thoughts on “What we are wearing in wet and muddy season

  1. I sincerely appreciate the content of your blog! Your research on kids’ outerwear and shoes is particularly helpful. Do you ever look for secondhand jackets and shoes/boots? Do you ever sell your used items once your kids have outgrown them? If so, what sites do you think are best? It can be difficult to find quality brands (like Pololo, Bisgaard, etc) secondhand, but I really like to purchase gently used items whenever possible.

    1. Hi Rachel, thank you for your feedback. It means a lot of me. I haven’t bought the boys secondhand things, although I support the idea of doing so. I think it will be easier to find used items by these brands in Europe, but here in US even finding new ones could be a challenge sadly. Although I did see used Bisgaard winter boots and rain boots on Pochmark and Ebay websites. I heard there was a good Instagram feed for secondhand kids gear, but I can’t remember the name unfortunately. I do have a couple pairs of our used Pololos and Bisgaard boots that both boys outgrew now. I’ll email you the details πŸ™‚

      Thanks again for reaching out!

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