REIMA snowsuits review

REIMA snowsuit review nontoxic sustainable snowsuit
The more we can repurpose plastic the less it ends up in nature. We melt it, spring it to fibers, and make it into fun, functional clothes like this one. Works like magic, and saves resources for our kids.

Up until this year we were very happy with the snowsuits from Lea and Jojo which are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and free from any toxic dies, water-proofing agents and so forth. Sadly this wonderful sustainable snowsuits don’t come in big enough sizes for my older boys. And so this year, we were in need of a new jacket and snowsuit for Ale´, as he outgrew everything we had. A friend recommended to try Finish brand REIMA, and I’m very grateful to her for this recommendation. So I wanted to share a little bit here about what we love about the items we purchased so far — REIMA snowsuit, a jacket and mittens.

In summery, we recommend their snowsuits, jackets and mittens. Although I hope REIMA will expedite their conversion to 100% recycled fibers in their manufacturing.

REIMA snowsuit review nontoxic sustainable snowsuit REIMA snowsuit review nontoxic sustainable snowsuit

Sustainability ★★★★☆

  • All REIMA clothes are fluorocarbon-free and use BIONIC-FINISH®ECO as water and dirt repellent finish.
  • According to REIMA’s website all of their clothing has been 100% PFC-free since 2017 and formaldehyde-free since 2019.
  • This is where REIMA snowsuits loose a start for our family — they aren’t made with 100% recycled polyester or PER bottles. But I appreciate that REIMA is working in this direction and some of their summer items are made entirely from recycled PET bottles.
  • According to Reima they never use real fur.
  • REIMA offers a recycling program for their gear, so it could can be made into new products.
  • According to REIMA website: “The down we use is Responsible Down Standard (RDS), and the wool Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified, to ensure the waterfowl and sheep are treated humanely. RDS also ensures that all down is the byproduct of food production, so there are no additional environmental impacts from it. We don’t use leather in our clothing.”
REIMA snowsuit review nontoxic sustainable snowsuit

Function ★★★★★

  • Soft fabric — the fabric of the snowsuit, jacket and mittens that we purchased is very soft and not bulky.
  • The snowsuit is not heavy — last year we tried a snowsuit by another brand, but I was disappointed how heavy it was. So we returned it. Although REIMA snowsuit is not as lightweight as our Lea And Jojo suits, but is it not too heavy either.
  • Both my boys have been using their mittens at the forest school this winter and are happy with them — mittens aren’t clunky, easy to put on and take off and boys haven’t complained of their hands getting cold. So far this winter the coldest day we had was -5C and we were outside for 5.5 hours on that day.

  • The jacket is really lightweight and has great hood that stays in place well and is snug enough around the head to not allow any wind.
  • Detachable, and adjustable hood with detachable faux fur trim
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Waist adjustment inside
  • Detachable, durable silicone foot loops — these are a little too loose even on tights setting, but we are planning to add our own slits in them to tighten them better.
  • Inner chest pocket with zipper from size 6Y onward
  • Two zip pockets
REIMA snowsuit review nontoxic sustainable snowsuit

Technical specs

Here are some technical specs from the manufacture:

  • Waterproof material, water column over 10 000mm
  • All seems sealed
  • Abrasion resistant / 80 000 cycles

REIMA’s environmental promise

According to REIMA’s website here are some of their other sustainability objectives to be accomplished by 2023:

  • 100% of synthetic wadding and 50% of all polyester will be recycled origin
  • 100% of cotton certified organic
  • 100% of winter clothing wadding from recycled materials
REIMA snowsuit review nontoxic sustainable snowsuit

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