Organic bedroom: bedding, mattresses and furniture

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Here is my second post in the series on organic bedroom. Although this post features the photographs of our boys bedroom, all these items are also available in grwon-up bed sizes.

As you might know from the previous blog posts I’m a big believer that our purchases can make a difference in the world. As we use our money to support sustainable and positive businesses (and not big corporations) we help them to stay in business and keep on going. And at the same time we deny our support to those companies that make their living by destroying our planet while selling us toxic and harmful products.

It might seem small and insignificant on a scale of one family. But if this small impact is multiplied by millions it will be a tidal wave of change, forcing big corporations to change their ways, to stop saturating everything with harmful chemicals and to stop destroying our beautiful planet that is home to us all.

organic kids bedroom

Non-organic textile

Conventional textile industry is often considered only second to Big Oil when it comes to environmental pollution, accounting for 25% use of pesticides worldwide and poisoning rivers with chemical run offs.

Conventional textile industry is often considered only second to Big Oil when it comes to environmental pollution, accounting for 25% use of pesticides worldwide and poisoning rivers with chemical run offs. Traditional non-organic cotton fields use tremendous amounts of water, as well as pesticides and herbicides. And then comes textile manufacturing process which is also very taxing on our planet. Take a look at this photos on my Pinterest board here:


So when it comes to textiles I always try to buy GOTS certified or (when not available) OEKO Tex certified fabrics or items. Buying organic textiles is not merely about it being better for us personally.

In this post I share some products we like, such as organic mattresses, organic bedding, as well as toxin-free bed frames and even paints (should you need to paint your walls or furniture).

One-stop shop for organic bedroom

organic mattress non-toxic bedding

By glancing over this post you might get an impression this is an AVOCADO Mattress sponsored post. :)) But as always all my posts are unsponsored. This company is just really great.

For some time now I meant to share with you about some very nice organic and toxin-free products for a bedroom, as it took me some time over the years to discover these products.

But by the time I got around to writing a blog post about it, finding great organic bedding, mattresses and beds became much easier. And so first I wanted to recommend you taking a look at AVOCADO MATTRESS website. Here you can find everything you need for a non-toxic bedroom — mattresses, pillows, organic bedding and comforters, cribs and crib mattresses and even FSC certified bed frames and bedroom furniture. And this company is very dedicated to have most sustainable operation showing true care for their customers, products, workers and our planet.

By glancing over this post you might get an impression this is an AVOCADO Mattress sponsored post. :)) But as always all my posts are unsponsored. This company is just really great. They have a great selection of organic bedroom products and also have remarkable sustainability values and practices.

Organic, non-toxic and truly sustainable mattress

We love our Avocado Mattresses. They are certified organic, beautifully made and comfortable. I have a whole “Avocado Mattress Review” post about our experience with this company. I hope you take a moment to read it, I believe you would be amazed (just like I was) about all the heart and soul that goes into those mattresses and into making this business sustainable.

organic mattress non-toxic bedding

Certified non-toxic mattress protectors

organic mattress non-toxic bedding

For mattress protectors we went with organic certified water-proof mattress protectors from Naturepeudic. Even if your child wakes up at night to use bathroom I still recommend having a mattress protector, as we had nose bleeds, little spills of oil (we use it instead of lotion) and other such minor accidents.

The mattress protectors by Naturepeudic are very nice, and I do recommend them. However I wanted to mention, that when they first arrived and I opened the packaging they had some odor. This surprised me, considering they are certified non-toxic. But the smell completely went away after I washed them in the washer. We’ve had them for a year and they work great and are of great quality!

Another place you can look for organic and non-toxic mattress protectors is yet again Avocado mattress.

Organic bed sheets

organic bed sheets Target Magnolia

I’m very happy to say that today finding GOTS certified organic bedding in US is no longer a difficult task, like it was few years ago. Here are few places that I usually go to for organic bedding:

For the boys room I picked up these organic sheets by Magnolia. Although Target isn’t exactly a sustainable corporation I’d normally want to support, I am grateful to them for brining organic textile to their stores.

Note, these bedsheet sets by Magnolia do not come with a comforter cover in them, so we had to buy a bigger sized sheet set in order to sew a comforter cover ourselves out of the huge flat sheet it comes with.

Non-toxic bed frames

For the boys beds we were lucky to inherit some very beautiful bed frames when we purchased a cabin for our forest school. But if we didn’t have those I’d buy them IKEA’s TARVA beds. I love those for their simplicity and natural look as well as 100% natural materials.

Here is a couple places I’d recommend if you are searching for a non-toxic bed frame:

  • Beds by Avocado Mattress — yep, they also make beds and bedroom furniture and it is FSC certified!
  • IKEA’s TARVA bed frame — it is very minimal, made 100% from solid wood and nothing else (so no off-gassing from glues and particle boards). Another great thing about it is that it comes unfinished. And so you can finish it in a way you like — give it a stain, use oil or wax or just paint it. And it is so affordable!

Non-toxic paint

organic mattress non-toxic bedding

And if you are searching for a truly VOC-free paint (unlike those sold at HomeDepot and Lowes) to paint your bedroom walls or furniture then I highly recommend non-toxic paint by ESOS Paints.

The green paint you see in the pictures of the boys beds is by ECOS Paints . These beds that we were lucky to inherit with our little cabin came finished with dark and very glossy stain. I wanted them to have a more natural and airy feel and so decided to paint them. Even though the finish on the beds was very smooth and glossy the Universal Primer from ECOS paint had no problem sticking to it. And then we used their paint on top of it. The beds were painted over a year ago and show no signs of paint cracking anywhere.

We have also used paint from ECOS Paints for the walls all throughout our cabin. The paint had faint smell at first, and it completely disappeared within hours. And it wasn’t just me getting used to the smell, but people who came to see my paint job after just a few hours couldn’t smell the paint smell.

I also tried also using zero-VOC paint from HomeDepot hoping to get my painting job with the walls done faster, as I didn’t need to wait for the paint to arrive by mail. But even though HomeDepot’s paint was supposedly zero-VOC it instantly gave me a headache even after I painted only a small part of one of the rooms, and I had windows open. In contrast, my mom and I painted several rooms and stained floors with products from ECOS paints and neither one of us ever had any headache or any other undesirable symptoms. I highly recommend their paints and primers.

As far as picking color, you can first find a color you like from one of the conventional paint brands. Then ECOS paint will happily match the color for you, as long as you let them know the name of the paint color and the brand.

I hope this comes of use to you and your family :). And as always, if you have other great organic brands to share — please do so in the comments! It is always appreciated.

organic kids bedroom organic kids bedroom

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