Caring for leather shoes

caring for leather shoes

I wanted to make a quick post about how we care for boy’s Bisgaard leather winter shoes. We are using Bisgaard TEX boots for the third winter and are extremely happy with them — the boys spend up about 6 hours outside 3-5 days a week all through the winter and their feet never got cold or wet, the shoes are lightweight and have excellent grip. You can see more photos and details abut these winter boots for children here and here.

The pair of shoes in the photo are on their 2nd winter. They are used extensively each week due to how much time our kids spend outside while attending forest school. And with us living in the Rocky Mountains I think our terrain is particularly rough on the outdoor gear. Yet, the shoes are holding together wonderfully.

Recently I realized I never shared how we care for them. The care is really quite simple, but I think it makes a big difference in keeping the shoes waterproof and lasting for a long time in good condition.

caring for leather shoes

Clean after each outdoor use

We wipe our shoes clean with a damp cloth after each extensive use, whether we were in the snow or with no snow. Afterwards we leave them in the shoe tray for few hours or overnight so that surface layer can dry.

Applying FRYE weather balm

After some time when I see that the leather is dry I generously apply waterproof balm by Frye with an old tooth brush. After some time, I wiped off the excess of the balm with a dry cloth buffing the surface along the way. And that is all. 🙂

Note about FRYE weather balm: I really like this product as it works wonderfully, but also because it comes in a tin instead of plastic container.

Repeat after each extensive use

We do this after each day at the forest school (5-6 hours of running around) and the shoes remain in great shape. I recommend doing this even if the outdoor conditions were dry, as cleaning the leather from dust and dirty, and then conditioning it with this cream keeps it nice and soft.

Before and After

Below you can see on the photo the difference the Frye weatherproof balm made.

caring for leather shoes caring for leather shoes

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