After about 6 years of this blog I finally decided to add an ABOUT page :)) Last couple of years have been very densely packed for me, and last months even so, leaving me little time to get to my blog. Tonight, as the boys peacefully playing on their own I got a rare chance to do something of my own. The choice was to do some yoga, to fold laundry, clean up my desk. I decided to do a blog post instead. :)) I had an idea to do an ABOUT page for few months now, having some ideas of what I’d say. But now that I got a chance to do it, none of them come to mind of course. :))

I guess I will do 10 things about me, with some random facts about who I and and why I have this blog. Hope you find this interesting or amusing.

At the moment of writing this page I’m 40 years old. I honestly can’t process this fact. I remember when my own mom turned 40 I felt she was way up there in her age. And here I am at that up there number. When the fact that I’m 40 occasionally crosses my mind I remind myself that Gendalf was way older and was way cool! So that’s my role model. :))

Born and raised in USSR

I was born and raised in Kazakh Republic of the Soviet Union and I loved EVERYTHING about it. If you are from US or another Western country, most likely everything you think you know about my country would be incorrect.

Of course there were a lot of things that were wrong in USSR, but it is true about any country. An my mom probably would have a lot of say about that. But as a child what I took with me from growing up in USSR is believing in importance of building a better world. We grew up valuing education, hard work and one’s contribution to the society. Even as children during school years we regularly helped to clean the city and also spent some time in the summer helping during harvest time on farms outside the city.

Things I love about my country:

Our food is so good! I never heard of fat-free anything prior to moving to America. Our street food was shish kebabs and handmade pastries. In the summer we had mountains of watermelons piled on the streets, next to a make-shift bed for the salesman who’d sleep on the street until the pile is sold out. Local farm families bring milk, meat and eggs into the city and announce their arrival at 8am by yelling “Milk, eggs!” though a very loud speakerphone. 🙂 I loved shopping for groceries at our colossal farmer’s markets, called BAZAARS, as oppose to supermarkets.They are lively, there is a lot of haggling and a lot of food of all sorts!

Mountains — our mountain range is called Tian Shan and is north of Himalayas. The mountain peaks surrounding my city have never-melting glaciers. They are full of mountains rivers with crystal clean water, lakes and flowers. When I’m tired and need some emotional rest — I close my eyes and walk across endless space of our Alpine meadows, with fast mountain river rushing by. I see grasses blowing in the wind, snow capped peaks all around and endless space.

People are people everywhere! Playing chess in the parks, walking, sitting in cafes, children playing soccer, grandmas sitting outside buildings exchanging local gossip and looking over grandkids. I miss that a lot!

Family and friends — we had a large family back home, as two of my mom’s siblings also lived in our city. My parents life-long friends also lived in the same city. We were all very close and many weekends were spent in a gathering at someone’s house to cook, eat, talk or hanging out in a sauna.

City — our city has lots and lots of trees. The trees are huge and they are everywhere! And our city has sidewalks and benches! Seems like a silly thing to mention, unless you live in America where there are seem to be less sidewalks then parking lots. 🙂 Our city parks are big, they are full of trees, there are lot so benches and fountains.


I went to Moscow University of Physics and Technology with a dream of becoming an astronaut. 🙂 After going to the University for about 5 years I dropped out as I felt I had no idea anymore what I was learning about, how and where I could apply it and I was further than ever from realizing my dream. My experience in University is probably at the foundation of why I believe in home-schooling and unschooling approaches to education, aiming at helping a child to discover themselves and aid them along that way, instead of going down the general assembly line of public school and university education.

Since dropping out from the University I have spent 7 years working in non-profit projects. The most loved volunteer project I participated in was in India. I think working in volunteer projects around the world is a great way to spend one’s years after completing basic education to get to know the world.

1. Things I sometimes dream about, but probably won’t ever get a chance to get to this life time

Learning to ride a motorcycle, living amongst a pack of wolves.

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