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Alexandros turned 3 years this weekend! Few weeks before I asked him what he’d like for his birthday. This is how our conversation went:

— Me: “Ale, what would you like for your birthday?”
— Ale: “Garbage track! Yellow one. No, blue. No, white. No, red!”
— Me: “But you already have 2 garbage tracks…three actually.”
— Ale: “I want GARBAGE TRACK!” Big beaming smile! 🙂

So, we got him this big beautiful Fagus wooden garbage track from Wooden Wagon.

wooden tracks Fagus tracks wooden toys
wooden tracks Fagus tracks wooden toys
wooden tracks Fagus tracks wooden toys
wooden tracks Fagus tracks wooden toys

To be completely honest we do have plastic toys, including his very first garbage track and the very last one (the daddy just couldn’t say no at a toy store 🙂 ). But I’m trying to mostly buy wooden ones when I can find them. One reason, is that I’m trying to reduce our use of plastic in every way I can. When a plastic toy brakes (which is just a matter of time) — that’s a large piece of plastic trash added to the landfills. The other reason is I believe the manufacturing of wooden and cloth toys is more sustainable. At least, when purchased from sustainable brands. And last, but not least, one never knows how toxic or untoxic things are these days. If I can help surround my children with toys made out of natural materials I feel it is safer.

So, in this post I wanted to share with you few of my most used favorite stores where we shop for beautiful natural toys for the boys. This is not a sponsored post in any way. Just sharing the good knowledge. 🙂

There are actually many beautiful store and toy makers from around the world that I have discovered thanks to Instagram. In this post I’m going to start first with the stores that are in US and Canada, since we live in US.

[ Pictured above: Fagus wooden tracks, puzzles, wooden book and spin hats from the The Wooden Wagon; Organic toys from A Toy Garden].

Our favorite online stores
for natural toys

These stores offer a very wide range of toys — wooden tracks (our most favorite of course!), stuffed animals made with organic cotton, Waldorf dolls, Ostheimer wooden figurines, many different puzzles, marble runs, books, toy castles and so much more. Some of the inventory is same or similar. But each store has unique things the offer. Absolutely incredible!

Magic Cabin

NOTE: Magic Cabin doesn’t specialist in natural and sustainable toys. However, they do have an All Natural section on their website. But the main reason I’m recommending this store is for all the outdoors activities play equipment they offer. I’m talking about swings, tents, sand boxes, limbo stands and so much more!

Magic Cabin website ▸

Update 2021

Since I originally wrote this post I discovered many more beautiful stores and makes of children’s toys. Here is the list of some of them:

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful blog, you are curating gems for not only new parents but also brand new grandparents like us. Also appreciate your update 2021

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