Waders — our latest addition to kids outdoor gear

waders for kids

We have great and warm rubber boots. We have fantastic mud pants. But when it came to playing in a creek both boys inevitably would end up wading too deep and getting their boots filled to the rim with icy water. Because keeping track of the how deep the water is a thing for grown ups, but is really not that important while you are 3 or 5 years old exploring the world. 🙂

One of the parents from our forest school recently shown me waders she had for her little boy. Since we don’t do fishing I never even heard or seen of such thing before. What great invention they are, especially for the nature loving kiddos!

waders for kids
waders for kids

What are waders exactly?

If you are new to waders — they are basically rain boots and mud pants made into a one solid piece. So a person wearing them could wade into water all the way to their waist and higher and still stay dry. This is just so perfect for the kids who love to play in water. At our forest school all kids bring along their rain boots, but also all the kids each and single time end up at some point filling those boots with water to the top, then having wet and cold feet. It is not an issue in warm season, but in colder seasons it causes them get cold and prevents them from continuing to enjoy outdoor play. Waders keep them dry, as long as they don’t actually lay down into the creek, as then the water will fill over the top edge. Couple weeks ago Eleon did spent some time sitting in the creek and no water sipped through the fabric. I was impressed 🙂

waders for kids

Are these waders sustainably made and non-toxic?

No, sadly they are not. I have not been able yet to find a brand that makes these sustainably. Our waders are by LANGXUN. They are made with PVC plastic, and I’m sure they are water-proofed in the most conventional ways. But the waders aren’t in contact with child’s skin, although they do probably affect the water if the water-proofing chemicals leach into it.

But as the boys go to the forest school 3 times a week I was pressed for time to get something for Eleon who spends in the creek as much time as he can. And he would always end up soaking wet in freezing water. But I’m determined to find sustainably made waders and I’m certain some Scandinavian brands make them, they are just not easily found in US. I inquired with Marie, at MkNordica who sells a lot of high quality Nordic gear for kids, to see if she can help finding waders made without use of toxic chemicals. And I will post an update to this post as soon as we find a sustainable alternative.

Repairing your waders if they get a hole or gash

waders for kids

Our waders get a lot of use with Eleon and last week he made 2 huge gashes on them somehow. Aquaseal glue is used widely to repair water suits and other similar gear. And we are happy with using it for repair of our kids gear also. It creates clear flexible seal over the cut or hole, sort of like a patch.

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