Use your end of the season florals for zero-waste decorating

Hello, now that it is summer I wanted to share a quick little post about how flowers make the prettiest decorations for gift wrapping. Here I used just some of the roses from our own yard that already finished blooming and dried right on their branches. But you could use any other flowers that are abundant in the region where you live. I also really like using some of the herbs for decorating, such as rosemary, thyme or lavender. Those I just clip fresh and add to the little ribbon I’m tying around the gift. They add loveliest smell to the wrapping making it even more special.

If you don’t have pretty little branches that could be clipped and dried you can always press flower petals from the flowers that are almost done blooming (that way you keep them in your garden for bees, butterflies and your own enjoyment as long as possible) and then you can use paper glue to glue them onto the paper, which is also very pretty.

In other seasons you can use different plant material available seasonly. We always use evergreen clippings from our bushes, rosemary and thyme for our Christmas gifts.

Using only plants you have

Do not buy herbs or flowers from the store to avoid plastic wrapping

The plants I use are always what I can find in my garden. I do not buy herbs from the supermarkets as they always come in little plastic containers which are the single-use plasticsthat we try really hard to avoid at our home. And flowers always come with those plastic envelopes sadly.

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