Plastic-free and chemical-free dental care

This is a small post, but I’m rather excited to share it. Here is why…you know how marine animals and birds (whales, Albatros, etc) scoop water in order to get fish? The thing is along with fish they scoop various plastic bits, which make it into their intestines, but never make it out. Eventually all the plastic bits leave no room for food, so…no food no life. Don’t believe me? Google ‘plastic pollution albatros’ as just one of the examples. This is also a great website on the topic of plastic pollution.

You may be lucky to live in a city where recycling program accepts things like tooth paste tubes and dental floss plastic cases. But even if that’s the case as plastic trash gets transferred across oceans small bits make it into the ocean and as a result a problem of plastic pollution in our oceans became rather severe. Plus plastic recycling still uses resources. And plastic production ultimately supports the Big Oil and considering all the harm that industry brings about who wants to support them, right?

Ever since I learned that I’ve been trying to eliminate as much one-time-use plastic from our every day use as possible.

We’ve been using clay/baking soda mix instead of conventional tooth paste for some time now and my dentist has been only complimentary about the results. But finding a dental floss that didn’t come in a plastic package (that I can’t find anywhere I can recycle in Colorado) has been a problem. So, I’m particularly excited having now found these 100% plastic free dental floss packages. These are now available at our local Wholefoods and Natural Grocers stores. But you can also buy them in bulk from Amazon.

So here we are – nearly 100% plastic-free* dental products or I can hopefully say ‘Whale and Albatros approved’ dental hygiene products. 🙂

* I said ‘nearly’ as when I order clay it still comes in a small plastic bag, but fortunately those are relatively easy to recycle where we live.

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