Our fall leaves lantern craft

fall leaves children crafts fall lantern diy

Hello, 6 months later I’m finally back to my blog. 🙂 Now as all the gardening is about to be wrapped up I have a little bit more time. And as we are in the middle of most beautiful fall season here in Rocky Mountains I thought to dedicate this post to a simple autumn leaves craft project.

Every year boys and I make a fall lantern utilizing some of the beautiful fall leaves that we collect in the garden and in the mountains. I love how this little DIY lantern brings a little bit of nature into our home, and helps us to preserve it even after all the reds and golds are long gone from the trees outside our windows.

This DIY lantern craft is very easy to make with children of any ages, and comes out so lovely.

Last, but not least, it is a perfect zero-waste craft as you only use what nature is about to discard, plus a used glass jar and some tissue or waxed cooking paper that already exist in most homes.

fall leaves children crafts fall lantern diy

What you need

  • Dried fall leaves
  • Used glass jar that is smooth and has no pattern
  • Regular white glue
  • Small piece of used tissue paper or waxed cooking paper
fall leaves children crafts fall lantern diy


  • I used pressed leaves, as when I tried using fresh leaves they warped somewhat after drying.
  • If you’ve never pressed-dried leaves — I do not recommend putting them inside a book, as I’ve had book pages died or becoming sticky from some of the plant material. Instead put your leaves on a sheet of used office paper, then cover with another sheet of paper and a large heavy book on top. If you have a lot of leaves you can layer leaves and office paper in multiple layers before putting down your heavy book. But do not overlap leaves with each other without a layer of paper between them as they likely to stick together.
  • Decide on how the leaves will be arranged on your lantern before you start gluing.
  • Applying small amounts of white glue attach your leaves one by one. Remember do not put too much glue as if it squeezes from under the leaf on the glass it will leave a white stain. If that does happen — white it right away with a wet corner of a cloth or kitchen towel. Or if the glue is already dry — you can scrape it off with a tip of a knife.
  • After you applied glue to the leaf and placed it on the glass jar hold it for 1-2 minutes with your fingers to ensure it attached well to the jar surface.
  • If you choose to add tissue paper or wax paper inside to get the same glowing effect (see photos above) — simply cut a small piece of it and place it inside the jar. No gluing is needed. Just remember to only use electrical candle if you go this route.

Hope you and your little ones enjoy. 🙂 And if you head to ‘Summer meadows’ floral lantern post you can see another vision of this lantern that we did in May using all the beautiful spring flowers Eleon was brining from his forest school.

fall leaves children crafts fall lantern diy fall leaves children crafts fall lantern diy fall leaves children crafts fall lantern diy fall leaves children crafts fall lantern diy

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