Organic cotton and wool socks for kids

organic socks for children knee high socks wool socks for children

This year the winter has flew by fast. As we are heading into Spring with its ever changing weather, mud and puddles I wanted to share a quick post about recent addition to boys’s outdoor gear. On one side something like socks seem insignificant, but they can make all the difference in keeping little feet warm and comfortable, while roaming the outdoors.

If you are searching for sustainable and comfortable socks for your little ones I wanted to recommend Grodo socks available at Little Spruce Organics. They have both organic cotton and organic wool socks, as well as organic wool knee-high socks. The specific socks I’ve got for the boys and highly recommend are Organic Wool Cotton Kids.

The latter are especially great with mud boots, as they keep feet and legs extra warm. Also sometimes my boys don’t bother tucking their pants into the boots or if we wear mud pants over rain boots with no under layer. I noticed sometimes the boots rub their skin leaving it red. The knee-highs are great for protecting the skin from any rubbing also.

organic socks for children knee high socks wool socks for children organic socks for children knee high socks wool socks for children

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  1. hi Maria, I happened across your page while trying to find Bisgaard rain boots in USA. It brought many smiles to my face to see another mama out there discovering the best outdoor gear for the kiddos.. Just like you I love Engel fleece coats from MamaOwl ( along with many other amazing wool items), Disana boiled wool coats ( I even just got one for myself!), Grodo socks, Bisgaard and Bundgaard shoes that i buy from Sweden (BabyShop) or Denmark (MilkyWalk). I highly recommend merino wool base layers by Joha in case you haven’t found those yet! I admire that you had started a forest school, that sound amazing but probably also a lot of work! Cheers! Anya

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