Organic clothing: where to buy

Here is Part 2 of my Organic Clothing series (read Part 1 on why organic clothing matters here). In this post I’m sharing all our favorite brands that make organic children’s clothes and stores where you can buy them. While there are many other brands and stores out there, these are the ones we’ve used and had just great experience with! 🙂 (See also this post on our favorite shoe brand – Pololo)

While some of these brands sell directly from their websites, others sell through dealers. I’m providing a link where you can get each of the brands listed. But also at the bottom of the page there are few links to online stores where you can find all of these beautiful brands and much more!

Organic children and baby clothing brands we love!


GOTS certified baby and children clothes made from wool and silk. They make wonderful jackets, pants, PJs, mittens, etc. We own a boiled wool jacket, boiled wool overalls, knitted overalls and some mittens.

Where to buy: here ▸ or here ▸


While they are not GOTS, but Cosilana is a member of IVN. They make organic cotton, wool and silk baby, children and adult clothes. We’ve used few of their pants as pajamas, winter tights (to go under water-proof pants or our Disana boil wool overalls). The pants we own are very soft, thin and stretchy. We absolutely love them!


Where to buy: here ▸ or here ▸

organic baby children clothing

On the photo: Organic boiled wool jacket by Diana (and the adorable bunny pin is from Nina Stajner

Living Crafts

GOTS and IVN certified. They offer a wide range of baby and children clothing and underwear. Living Crafts also offers clothing for adults. We absolutely love our soft cotton pants that we use as pajamas.

Where to buy: here ▸

Under the Nile

GOTS certified cotton from Egypt. We love baby blankets, crib sheets, floor mats, some baby clothes. Under The Nile also sells baby clothes and toys.

Where to buy: here ▸


GOTS certified baby, children and adult clothes from wool and silk. We own their fleece jackets, mittens, baby footsies and some pants that we use as PJs in colder months. Their wool fleece is absolutely heavenly!

Where to buy: here or here ▸

Engel organic baby children clothing

On the photo: Organic wool fleece jacket by Engel


Pickapoo – best winter hats! Very plush and warm. GOTS certified. They also make summer hats.

Where to buy: here ▸


IVN certified. This little hat is gold if you live in a climate with chilly and windy weather. I think it is meant to be worn mostly under other hats, hoods, ski helmets, etc., but we’ve been using it both ways – on its own instead of a bonnet for windy and chilly autumn days. And under our Pickapooh hat in cold winter weather. Besides being very soft, my favorite thing about it is that it is very snug all around the face, under the chin and then covers the neck as well. So it keeps the little ones warm, without needing a scarf.

Ruskovilla also makes adult organic clothing. All of their wool undergarments and sports wool garments look really wonderful and are on my future shopping list. 🙂

Where to buy: here ▸

organic baby clothing wool hats organic baby clothing wool hats

Lea & Jojo

An incredibly beautiful rain coat that is made from recycled plastic bottles (how cool is that?!) and also uses only OEKO TEX certifies materials. It feels so nice and not plastic-y. We pair it with Engel wool fleece when we need extra warmth.

Where to buy: Lea & Jojo website ▸

non-toxic rain coat by Lea and Jojo

Pact Apparel

GOTS certified. We bought the best baby/children socks and great onesies! Recently they added children’s underwear which looks wonderful. Their designs and line of products are ever-evolving, but their fabric is wonderful – light, stretchy and organic!

Where to buy: PACT Apparel website ▸

Organic clothing stores

Little Spruce Organics | website ▸

Most of our organic clothing is from this great online store operating from Colorado. They sell wide range of Disana, Engel, Ruskovilla, Cosilana, POLOLO, Pockapooh products and many others. They also sell many fantastic toys made from natural materials, including the beautiful Ostheimer figures and Grimm’s color blocks.

organic clothing store children clothing shoes toys

Mama Owl | website ▸

I’ve discovered this store only few months ago, thanks to Instagram. And it is now my favorite store. They have such large collection of fine organic clothes, shoes and toys. There you will find hand-knitted bonnets and sweaters from Denmark and Iceland, natural rubber rain shoes, lots and lots of wonderful children shoes for summer, winter and fall… the list goes on!

They are England based, but ship worldwide.

P.S. they also do Instagram give-aways every once in a while. I was lucky to win $50.00 prize few months ago! And their feed is so beautiful, featuring all the latest arrivals and finds.

And here are few more stores I discovered recently. We haven’t ordered anything form them yet, but they have a verity of organic children items :

  • Lila Laemmchen shop – the store is in Germany, but they ship worldwide. And besides may beautiful organic brands they also sell wonderful toys and most beautiful puzzles.
  • Minnowlane – the store is also in US. They offer some organic GOTS certified onesies, hats and PJs.
  • Peuro baby – the store is in US. While they do not care many clothing items, they have a wide selection of other organic children and baby items, such as bedding, etc.
  • Lastly, this page on Disana’s website has a rather large list of places that sell Disana clothes. And if they sell Disana they are likely to see other organic brands.

Do you know of other great brands and stores? I’d love to hear about them!

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