For the little feet – light and warm winter shoes

On the photo: Winter toddler shoes by Bogs, Organic Boiled Wool Winter Hat by Pickapooh, Organic Wool Fleece Mittens

I wanted to write a quick post to share this great find for toddler’s winter shoes. I was looking for shoes that would be comfortable, lightweight, water proof and warm. Surprisingly, it was not an easy task to find such shoes. While it seem to be easy to find warm and comfy adult winter boots, when it came to toddler shoes I could only find what my friend referred to as ‘moon shoes’ – the extremely heavy, chunky and honestly just hideous looking boots. We tried a pair from Sorel and my little son could barely drag his feet in those boots and on top of that his little feet were cool to the touch even after a brief walk. The shoes seemed to even discourage him from his going outside.

I nearly gave up in my search and was getting ready to order a pair of nice winter shoes all the way from Finland through a friend, when I run across Bogs!

What we love about them

  • They are light as a feather! The little legs are not weighted down in these shoes whatsoever!
  • Easy on, easy off!
  • Waterproof. While Amazon has mixed user reviews on waterproofing of these shoes so far we haven’t had any issues. Just yesterday we walked through wet snow and puddles on his walk and came home with dry and warm feet!
  • They’ve been keeping our feet warm. Bogs rate them for 14F/-10C, but I noticed at 14F/-10C my boys feet were still getting cold even in warm socks. So, I would rate them be ok for right around freezing point. They have a nice soft insulating materials on the inside, but we also do use a nice warm sock when Ale wears these shoes.

  • And they have cute children prints! Ale loves woodland animals, so he was instantly very excited about trying them on when the shoes arrived! They offer different prints and colors as well.

According to Bogs they are machine washable – I have not yet tried that and have seen some Amazon reviewers commenting that shoes lost water-proofing after being washed. So, I don’t think that we’ll try that, just to be safe. But all and all, these shoes have been great for us and my child loves going outside again!

P.S. Also, while on the subject of winter clothes, I wanted to recommend this incredibly soft, warm and adorable hat form Pickapooh, available at out all time favorite Little Sprice Organics.

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