Homemade applesauce

I wanted to share a quick recipe for homemade applesauce. It is so easy to make, absolutely delicious and because it is homemade you know exactly what is in it (..or what isn’t). 🙂 We usually make it daily and it’s been great as a snack food for Ale as well as a natural sweetener for his cream of wheat or any other porridge and even plain yogurt. And while you can always buy organic applesauce free of preservatives, still nothing can beat applesauce just made from fresh apples.

Prep time:

Less than 5 minutes

Cook time:

About 10-20 min (depending on apples)


3-4 large or 4-5 medium organic apples. Most apples will work, except Granny Smith and alike. This winter our local Wholefoods and Natural Grocers have been selling these incredibly gorgeous and delicious Opal apples. They make flavorful, fragrant and sweet apple sauce that looks just as radiant as the apples themselves. Pink Lady apples have been our other favorite applesauce variety.


Wash your organic apples and then cut them in large chunks. Poor about 1-2″   of water at the bottom of your saucepan and add your apples. As soon as the water starts boiling reduce the heat to the minimum. Give it 10-15 minutes, depending on the apples. Check it few times to make sure your water hasn’t evaporated. You only want the apples to get soft, but not more. While it won’t ruin the applesauce if they cook longer, but it kills more nutrients and the color will become more brown.

Next, let the apples cool slightly and then transfer the apples into a food processor (if you had some liquid still remain you can use it to make your child naturally sweetened apple water). Blend the apples till desired smoothness on high. Done!

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