Bisgaard — real winter shoes for kids

Bisgaard winter shoes for kids in America

Hello, friends! It’s been long time since I got a chance to get to my blog to share with you some of our latest finds for the little ones and our ways to make our home and lifestyle more sustainable and healthy. We have new and very exciting project in the making here that has been taking all of our free time for the past couple months. I’m looking forward to share it with you very soon, but if you follow me on Instagram you probably already know what it is 😉

So, here is a very short post to share with you my latest find that I’m very excited about — the real winter shoes for children. Having warm and comfortable winter shoes for the winter is so essential to getting the kids out no matter the weather, but strangely finding shoes that are really warm (like, actually warm!), flexible and comfortable has been a real challenge here in America, at least in my experience. Last winter I found these shoes from Bogs which are great and this year we bought another pair of those shoes. We still use those shoes most of the days as it hasn’t been that cold here in Colorado yet and we had very little snow. So I still highly recommend the Bogs shoes for not very cold weather. But when the temperature drops to -10C/14F and below these are the shoes to keep little feet warm — the Bisgaard Tex boot.

Real European winter shoes

Bisgaard winter shoes for kids in America

What makes them so great

I think the pictures of these shoes speak for themselves to show just how incredible their quality is and what makes them so different from the typical shoes I see sold in US. The biggest difference is that amazing lining. Alexandors said it feels like ‘little beds for my feet’. 🙂 The velcro make them fairly easy to pull on, although I wish they had some types of handles like the Bogs shoes do. The soles are very flexible and seem to hold boys pretty well on an icy surface as well. Both boys really love the shoes!

Where to buy Bisgaard kids shoes

Bisgaard winter shoes for kids in America

Where to get them

Unfortunately I couldn’t find Bisgard shoes to be sold anywhere in US, but you could order them online through many online shops. We ordered ours through Baby Shop, but here is a full list of Bisgaard retailers. Since then there is new website Alex and Alexa, that is a sister store to Baby Shop, and they do free shipping and returns in US.

Our experience with Baby Shop and Alex and Alexa has been really great &mdash the shoes arrived quickly and well packaged. One thing to be aware of though, is that Babyshop and Alexa and Alexa sizing charts do not match Bisgaard sizing chart. We went with Bisgaard sizing chart and it fit perfectly!

Bisgaard winter shoes for kids in America
Bisgaard winter shoes for kids in America

Ordering from abroad

I was very nervous ordering the shoes from an online store outside US as the last time I did so I measured shoe size incorrectly and had to do a return which ended up being very costly. So here are few tips for ordering online from the stores outside your country:

  • Getting correct size measurement: have your child step on a piece of paper and outline their foot, then measure from the hill to the big toe. I did so 3 times, to be really sure in the foot length.
  • Use Bisgaard’s own sizing chart to determine correct size. Do not use retailers chart as they may not be correct. Here is a link to our boot model called Bisgaard Tex Boot where you can find Bisgaard’s native sizing.
  • Order size up, as you can always wear them with thick wool socks
  • Find out if the retailer accepts returns and what their return policy is
  • If you do have to do a return — find out from retailer how to correctly mark the parcel to avoid custom charges on return. In my previous experience of returning shoes that did not fit back to UK I did not mark them as return, so the retailer was charged custom fees back in UK, which were subtracted from my return. That on top of the shipping costs ended up costing me almost as much as the shoes themselves.

    Bisgaard winter shoes for kids in America Bisgaard winter shoes for kids in America kids winter gear sustainable nontoxic

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