Beautiful animated films: Snow Queen

I decided to start a little series about beautiful animated films for children. Although I’m against children spending time in front of a screen and would rather have them running around and exploring the world around, I found myself using the iPad on a regular basis to keep Ale (our 2.5 year old little wildling 🙂 ) quiet when his little brother is asleep. So, it became important to find quality content for him to watch. Fortunately, there are a lot of beautiful children’s animated films from the Soviet era that he can watch and that I don’t object to as they are very artistic and have always a great positive story. Recently I found some of them to be also translated into English and thus this little series of beautiful animated films for children. I hope you enjoy them just as much.

Snow Queen

This wonderful fairy tale from 1844 is by famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. The story is about Gerda and her friend, Kai. One day Kai’s heart is turned into a piece of ice by the Snow Queen. From friendly and loving little boy he turns a cold and even cruel one and leaves his home to join Snow Queen in her ice palace. The story follows the struggle of Gerda as she sets out to rescue her friend and travels a long way to find him. And she meets each obstacle with bravery and kindness.

There is also this other English version, which has a slightly different English narration.

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