2020 Bisgaard TEX boot update (our 3rd pair)

kids winter gear sustainable nontoxic

I wanted to post an update to the previous blog post on winter shoes by Bisgaard for kids. By now we are on our 3rd pair and using these shoes for the 3rd winter. We spend extensive time outdoors, especially since we have started a forest school. Last winter, with Ale´ we did 3-4 hour hikes 4 days each week all through the winter. And just this week the boys did a 5.5 hour program in cold weather doing a 5 km hike. And these shoes continue to be a compete success.

Where to buy and choosing the right size

For information on where we order our Bisgaard shoes (sadly not easily found in US) and my tips for choosing the right size consult this original post on Bisgaard TEX boots.

Read on this post to learn about the reasons we enjoy these shoes and why I recommend them. As always this post is not sponsored.

Great for cold Colorado winters and extensive time outdoors

kids winter gear sustainable nontoxic

In all the time we used these shoes boys feet never got cold. In lesser cold days around 0C we pair them with these organic cotton socks and on cold days (-5C to -10C) we wear then with these thin organic wool socks. We were also out at about -15C for shorter hike, about 2 hours and the feet stayed warm also. If you live somewhere colder I think getting a slightly bigger size of shoes and pairing them with thick wool socks will work very well.

Very comfortable, lightweight. Great traction.

kids winter gear sustainable nontoxic

Both boys run around playing and hiking with ease in these shoes as they are lightweight, flexible and have great traction. Last winter Eleon wore the pair of the shoes previously worn by Ale´ in the preceding winter, and the soles still had great traction.

Flawless quality

kids winter gear sustainable nontoxic

All the stitching on the shoes continues to be perfectly intact. Eleon is wearing shoes previously worn for an entire winter by Ale´ and all the parts of the shoes are still as good as new, except the very cushy inner wool lining got more compressed of course.

Last winter it was rather dry and our mountains and forests where children hike and play are very rocky. I was concerned that with lack of snow and exposed rocks the rubber part at the bottom would get damaged, but they held perfectly well.

A note on waterproofing

kids winter gear sustainable nontoxic

Yesterday at the forest school the boys were outside for 5.5 hours and hiked about 5km in total. The morning started at -7C and very snowy and then warmed up to +3C around lunch with snow having melted into slushy puddles all over the trails. There were 3 kids on the forest school program yesterday wearing Bisgaard TEX boot. No one has complained of having cold or wet feet. The kids have hiked with comfort. And even as the snow has melted into complete slush in which children have joyfully stumped their feet remained dry inside the shoes. Meanwhile, my feet and the feet of another adult on the program were soaked.

Taking care of your shoes

caring for leather shoes

I want to mention that we do take good care of our shoes and both clean and apply proper leather cream after each use. Here in Caring for leather shoes blog post I put together a brief description of our shoe care. I think it plays big role in keeping them last so well and stay waterproof.

So, we continue to be big fans of Bisgaard TEX winter boot for cold times of the year and would highly recommend them. 🙂

kids winter gear sustainable nontoxic

2 thoughts on “2020 Bisgaard TEX boot update (our 3rd pair)

  1. Hello, I found your blog while I was looking for recommendations for rubber boots, and because you seemed to share the same values as me, I ended up reading through most of your blog. So I just wanted to leave a comment, to thank you for an enjoyable read, and for great recommendations.

  2. I found your site looking for info about the Bisgaard Tex (this style is called “Ellis”, I believe), as my son has also enjoyed two pair but seems that they don’t make them past size 35. We are in New York and they’ve done wonderfully in city and countryside. His school is outdoors since covid with lots of hikes and nature. I’m a big fan as they are rugged and flexible which is so hard to find in combination. Maybe we can start a campaign encouraging Bisgaard to expand the sizing to include big kids. By the way I’ve always purchased ours from Alex + Alexa who do very fast shipping from Europe and often with a sale.

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