1001 Things to Spot book series

If you are looking for some fun educational books for your little willings these series are really wonderful. They are among the favorite for both of our boys since their youngest age. What makes these books so great in my option, is that they are reach in content, yet the content is presented in simple ways and easy to grasp portions. And the illustrations are fairly realistic. Each page in one of these books shows an eco-system, such as forest, garden, vegetable patch, ocean, sea shore, desert, etc. And on each page there is a list of creatures that are to be spotted on the page and a number showing how many of them there are.

It aligns with my belief of learning through play is the best way. And here they learn both about natural world and numbers in a playful way.

1001 animals to spot 1001 animals to spot

The books are great for a wide range of ages. I’d say from about 6 months and up. Eleon surely enjoyed the one about the bugs before he was 1 year old. The littlest kids enjoy just going through the pictures exploring all the different life forms and learning the concept of an eco-system. As the kids get a little older they have fun spotting a particular animal or a bug as you ask them to. And we learn a bit about numbers and counting along the way. For older kids they can spot and count on their own.

1001 animals to spot 1001 bugs to spot

Where to buy:

These books are from the Usborne books in UK, but also available in US. I bought ours directly from the Usborn Books website, but it seems like now the editions they offer are different from the ones we own. Still same concept though. We have the ‘Big Book of Things to Spot’ as well and it includes both Animals and Bugs, as well as other sections, such as farms, cities and cultures. Note that ‘Big Book of Things to Spot’ is a paperback, while these two that we have are hardcovers. I think it is definitely good deal.

If you would like to get the exact books as shown on my pictures I saw them available on Thrift Books and Amazon, among other places. And if you’d like to explore more books of similar type here some more similar from Usborn.

More beautiful books

I also wanted to let you know that you can see the other posts about kids books on this blog here. And I have many more of our books shared over on my Instagram page under this hashtag — #ourđź“šlibrary.

What are some of the favorite books for your little ones? I’d love to hear some good recommendations.

1001 bugs to spot 1001 animals to spot

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